Jack Johnson

New Mexico State Police

Criminal Intelligence Unit


New Mexico State Police Officer Jack Johnson raised the hood of Tijerina's car pulling the distributor cap then when Tijerina pulled his gun from his car during the June 8, 1969 sign burning at the Coyote Ranger Station. Johnson leveled his Winchester at Tijerina's head convincing Tijerina to surrender.
New Mexico State Police Criminal Intelligence Unit Detective Jack Johnson, right, talking with anti-war protestors in front of Albuquerque's federal office building, circa 1971.
A New Mexico State Police Detail, including Officer Jack Johnson, left, in uniform escorts Prison Warden Felix Rodriguez, with others from the Departmant of Corrections walking in downtown Albuquerque, circa 1971.

Retired New Mexico State Police Sergeant Jack Johnson was a Municipal Judge in the Town of Capitan, N.M., here seen in front of his garage, sporting his state police license plate numbered 153, on July 2, 2004.

Johnson died on October 4, 2004 of heart ailments.