Robert Gilliland
New Mexico State Police

Criminal Intelligence Unit

New Mexico State Police Officer Robert J. Gilliland was the lead investigator of Reies Lopez Tijerina since the June 5, 1967 Rio Arriba County Courthouse "raid" in Tierra Amarilla .

Gilliland, left, speaks with Special Prosecutor Jack Love during a break in the state trial of Juan Valdez in front of the Bernalillo County District Court.

Valdez was charged with shooting New Mexico State Police Officer Nick Saiz during Tierra Amarilla courthouse "raid."

EL GRITO Del Norte
Espanola, New Mexico Volume ?, Number ? ?, 1971
...The establishment press was apparently surprised at the way the people received them on the streets. Many were stoned and several beaten. Mark Bralley, a well known police agent-informer and photographer for the Albuquerque News, was beaten twice, had his ribs broken, and, he claims, had $2000 in equipment destroyed. It was Bralley whose testimony and pictures were used to imprison Reies Lopez Tijerina in June, 1969, after the Coyote incident. Bralley has since been seen (and photographed himself) working with Robert Gilliland, super-pig of the State Police.
Other Officers of the Criminal Intelligence Unit